We have been around since the early 80s - 1980s that is. Since that time we've managed to get a score of Top 10 singles and a few number 1 singles and albums as well. Artists like Ace of Base, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Technotronic, Twenty 4 Seven, Beatmasters, Marc Bolan & T.Rex, Toni Visconti, Sinitta, Reg Livermore, Jim Keays, Jon English and yes, even Jive Bunny & Mr Blobby and many many more, all found a great home here at Possum Records. To get some idea of our catalogue click here Possum Catalogue to see just some of our released records.

2021, will see Possum Records getting once again more involved with Top 40 music and continue the success we have had in the past.

If you are an artist or label and feel your recordings would be perfect for us, contact me at philip.israel@possumrecords.com.au