Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Video Album)

Filmed at Heaven, one of London's hottest clubs in 1983, the Eurythmics striking stage presence is complimented by a spectacular laser show. The concert is only part of the story.
Also included in 'Sweet Dreams (The Video Album)' are video clips of 'Sweet Dreams', 'Love Is A Stranger' and 'Who's That Girl'. Tying it all together is animated footage created specifically for the show.


  • 1. This Is The House
  • 2. Never Gonna Cry Again
  • 3. Take Me To Your Heart
  • 4. I've Got An Angel
  • 5. Satellite Of Love
  • 6. Love Is A Stranger
  • 7. Who's That Girl
  • 8. This City Never Sleeps
  • 9. Jennifer
  • 10. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  • 11. I Could Give You (A Mirror)
  • 12. Somebody Told Me
  • 13. Wrap It Up
  • 14. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Fils
  • 15. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)/End Titles

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