A Night With Lou Reed - DVD

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A Night with Lou Reed is an intimate visual record of Reed's legendary 1983 sold-out engagement at The Bottom Line in New York City. 

Fronting the most musically articulate band he had ever assembled, Reed & Robert Quine on guitar, Fernando Saunders on bass & Fred Maher on drums, Reed performs a treasure trove of his best hits. 

The energy and interplay on stage is so intense that it grabs the raw nerve of rock 'n' roll urgency.

  • 1. Sweet Jane
  • 2. Waiting For My Man
  • 3. Martial Law
  • 4. Don't Talk To Me About Work
  • 5. Woman
  • 6. Waves Of Fear
  • 7. Walk On The Wild Side
  • 8. Turn Out The Light
  • 9. New Age
  • 10. Kill Your Sons
  • 11. Satellite Of Love
  • 12. White Light/White Heat
  • 13. Rock 'N' Roll