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Australian Cast Rocky Horror Show
  • Australian Cast Rocky Horror Show
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As the first Rocky Horror Show production outside of the U.S. and U.K., much of the original creative team was used with this cast: director Jim Sharman, designer Brian Thomson, and costumer Sue Blane. The show ran for three and a half years, transferring to Melbourne in October 1975 and then to Adelaide in August 1977 before finally closing.

The producer was Harry M. Miller, who actually heard Richard O'Brien's demo tape before The Rocky Horror Show even opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

Here you can relive songs from one of the most iconic stage productions ever, highlighted by the cult characters Rocky Horror has given us.

  1. Science Fiction 2. Wedding Song 3. Over At The Frankensteins Place 4. Sweet Transvestite 5. Time Warp 6. Sword Of Damocles 7. Charles Atlas Song 8. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night 9. Touch A Touch Me 10. Once In A While 11. Eddie's Teddy 12. Planet Schmanet Janet 13. It Was Great When It All Began / I'm Going Home 14. Super Heroes
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